Material properties – Expanded Polypropylene (EPP)

Expanded Polypropylene

ARPRO from JSP absorbs impact energy and is a 100% recyclable material. ARPRO’s environmental impact is about 12 times less than the quantifiable use. For more information about the material, please visit the homepage of our supplier.

Material properties

High resistance

  • EPP has a high strength-to-weight ratio as well as high structural strength and load-bearing capacity.

Low weight

  • Due to its high air content of 96 % of the moulded part volume, EPP is very light. In relation to its strength, EPP weights considerably less than other materials.

Energy absorbing

  • EPP is an energy-absorbing material with a high resilience that withstands repeated impact without damage.

Padding effect

  • EPP protects the goods from damage in case of a fall.

Thermal insulation

  • EPP provides an excellent thermal insulation for temperature sensitive products.


  • EPP can be removed and recycled together with PP.


  • EPP can be easily cleaned with industrial cleaning equipment as well as in dishwashers.

Temperature resistant

  • -40°C up to 110°C

EPP – Material of our boxes