Overview of retailers

B2B and resellers

Are you a wholesale customer or reseller and would like to know more about our products?
You are welcome to contact us directly for purchase quantities of one pallet or more.

Please contact the listed distributors in case of smaller quantities. In addition, you are able to obtain our products on Amazon-Business and the leading Cash&Carry markets.
EPP-Box production

Metro Online-Shop

Various versions of our boxes are also available in the Metro Online-Shop

Caterers, restaurateurs etc. have the opportunity to purchase the matching insulation box from here.


Thermoboxes at Haushaltskontor.de

The company Thiel in Lohmar, our business partner, provides you with our EPP thermo boxes online as well as in stationary shops.
Flip-boxes, Basta-boxes and Thermokulis are available and can be ordered in small quantities.