Box in Bag

Box in Bag – The recycled Shopping Box


The Box in Bag is an insulated box optimised for shopping and picnic bags. With its outstanding insulation performance, the sustainable Thermobox is perfectly suited for the transport of temperature-sensitive food and fresh products. The precisely fitting, reusable shopping bag made of recycled materials ensures a high level of carrying comfort.


Thanks to the given dishwasher compatibility and food safety, the thermo boxes guarantee an optimal hygiene.

The recycled shopping bag

The carrying strap of the customised bag can be adjusted as required. For orders of 1000 or more boxes (including bags), an individual bag design can be provided.

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Key data

Box in Bag 

  • External dimensions: 395 x 225 x 325 mm
  • Internal dimensions: 355 x 185 x 285 mm
  • Wall thickness: 20 mm
  • Maximum load capacity: 10 kg