E-Food Box

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E-Food Box – The ideal transport solution


The multifunctional thermoboxes can be used to transport foodstuffs such as frozen foods, chilled fresh goods and also hot food in the desired temperature range and store them for specific periods of time.

The insulated boxes also enable the flexible picking of goods in cold storage and food warehouses.

The systematic concept

The customised cooling packs for the special ice lids of the insulated boxes guarantee the optimal and long-term cooling of your goods.

Precisely fitting dividers for the E-Food Box allow the individual separation of the interior up to 3 chambers.

Therefore, the insulation box is suitable for the simultaneous transport and storage of temperature-neutral and temperature-sensitive products

Für eine vereinfachte Transportabwicklung durch Speditionen sind Label-Halter und Dokumentenfelder an den Isolierbehältern angebracht.

Areas of application

With the variable insulated containers, catering companies, food suppliers, charitable services and canteens are able to carry out transports of all sizes flexibly and easily.

Even on longer tours without special refrigerated vehicles, the E-Food Box ensures that the food will be delivered in the required temperature range.

The insulated boxes can also be used to keep fresh goods cold during summer shopping.

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E-Food Box conical XL

  • Volume: 37,70 l
  • External height: 355 mm
  • Usable height: 265 mm
  • Basic dimensions: 600 x 400 mm